Bible Society of South Africa Announces New CEO

Rodney van Wyk

BELLVILLE, CAPE TOWN. The Bible Society of South Africa announced today that Rev Rodney van Wyk has been appointed the new CEO of the organisation. He will hold this position for the next two years.

Rev van Wyk was unanimously appointed during the Annual General Meeting at the Bible House in Bellville, on 16 March 2023. He has held the position of Interim CEO since 1 November 2022, following the departure of Rev Dirk Gevers, who joined the United Bible Societies as Secretary General.

Rev van Wyk is an ordained reverend of the Reformed Churches in Southern Africa, and he served on the Bible Society’s board for 11 years before his appointment as Interim CEO. In 2012, he was elected as Chairman, serving two consecutive terms for six years, and an additional two-year tenure.

The Board is convinced that Rev Van Wyk's experience and thorough knowledge of the Bible Society and its mission will serve the organization well for the next two years.

"I believe that Rev van Wyk is the right fit for this role, because of his open-door policy and wonderful people skills," said Dr Paul du Plessis, Chairman of the Board.

"He played an integral part during the restructuring process and is therefore the one who can help us maintain momentum and uphold future strategies. He is equipped to pave the way forward and energise us for the next two years," he continued.

"I think all the gifts the Lord has bestowed on Rev van Wyk are exactly what we need at the Bible Society right now."

Rev Van Wyk's dream is that the Bible Society, under his leadership, will be instrumental in steering South Africans back to the Word of God.

"We are grateful that we can make the Bible available in all the official languages of our country. We are currently busy with first Bible translations in four languages, in order to make the Word of God available to people in their mother tongue," Rev van Wyk said.

"We believe the Bible is the answer to all the problems our country and the world is currently facing. It is therefore absolutely critical that every person should have access to a Bible so they can hear God speak to them in their heart language," he added.

The Bible Society of South Africa has existed for more than 200 years, serving South Africa in the translation, production and distribution of affordable Bibles in various languages and formats.