9 – 15 June
Denmark: Please pray that more Danish people will reconnect with the Word of God and that the Scriptures will profoundly impact our communities. Pray especially for our translation projects and that Bible engagement will increase, particularly among our nation’s youth.
Faroe Islands: The Faroese Bible Society operates in an island community with 54 000 citizens. Please pray that Bible work in our region will impact many lives and that we can provide Bibles and Biblical materials in multiple translations and forms of media.
Iceland: The Icelandic Bible Society aims to publish, distribute and encourage the use of the Bible and ensure that the Bible is always available in Icelandic at an affordable price. Please pray for their efforts to raise the profile of the Bible and that Icelandic citizens will return to the pages of God’s Word.
16 – 22 June
Scotland: Continue to pray for the health and well-being of our staff and their families as we work diligently to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Scotland. Pray that the Word of God will spread among the youth and filter into future generations as a beacon of hope. 
England and Wales: Please pray that followers of Jesus everywhere will grow in knowledge and love of God. Pray for guidance so that, in fast-moving times, the Bible Society can respond to new challenges and opportunities in whatever way Christ is calling us to.
Northern Ireland: Please pray that we will see growth and development in the Bible Society in Northern Ireland as we work to serve and support the Church. Pray that we will see more local people engage with God’s Word, develop a love and passion for Scripture, and a growing heart for supporting the global Bible mission.
Republic of Ireland: In Ireland, the National Bible Society works with all Christian churches and with individuals providing Bible resources, simple guides, Scripture studies, help and expertise. We want everyone to know and understand the Word of God. Please pray for the success of all our current projects.


Download the quarterly (Q2 2024) PDF document here.


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