2 - 8 August


Hungary: Praise God for the recently revised Karoli Bible, our Bible distribution projects and our online Bible contests. Please pray for the positive reception of these initiatives. Also, pray for the progress of the translation in Sign Language, for all the hearts we touch as well as our team.


Moldova: Please pray that everyone in Moldova is touched by God’s Word – that it will be in a suitable format and a language they can understand. Pray that we will be able to put special emphasis on Bible advocacy and engagement in our society and for more fruitful co-operation with the churches.


Bulgaria: Pray that we will not only be able to meet the Bible needs of our people but also the refugees in our country. Also, pray that we will be able to meet the needs of the people with visual and other disabilities as well as the children in the orphanages.


Download the quarterly pdf document here.


Map Aug 18