13 - 19 June


Scotland: Pray that we can continue to pursue our core passions of providing Bibles, helping people to read and write, and the privilege of translating the Word of God. Pray that we will be able to continue the work to support multiple projects all over the world every year.


Republic of Ireland: Thank God for his provision and also our supporters who enable us to fund projects all over the world, especially at this time when there is so much turmoil. Pray that people’s hearts will be moved to support the work.


Northern Ireland: Continue to pray for the staff of our Bible Society and that we will be able to continue the projects we are involved with: these vary from translation work to literacy programmes to helping young children to engage with the Bible.


England and Wales: Pray for us with regard to developing advocacy and engagement activities associated with the International Bible Advocacy Centre. Pray that we will be able to reach all our goals to engage more people with the Bible.


Download the quarterly pdf document here.


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