2-8 December


United States of America: Please join us as we pray that we will be able to engage more people in the US with the Bible and for the impact thereof on their lives. Also pray for the development of our Faith and Liberty Discovery Centre in Philadelphia through which we would like to bring the biblical message of hope that can change lives, to people.

Canada: Pray that God will help us to distribute more Bibles in this county. Pray that we will be able to reach young people and children in particular with the Word. Thank God for our donors who help to support Bible work worldwide.

Mexico: Pray for the Bible cause in our country and that we will be able to be reach the population with the message of the Bible. Pray for the staff, for strength and wisdom to be able to execute their task and to ensure that the Bible is available for all ages and in suitable formats.


Download the quarterly pdf document here. 




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