June 25 - 1 July

Thank God for his love and protection. Pray for all the refugees who find themselves in our country, as well as for the prisoners and elderly. Pray that it will be possible for us to meet their Bible needs.  Pray for our staff and donors and thank the Lord for their commitment and support.

Belgium (French): Thank God for all that the Bible Society achieved in 2016. Pray that the projects that we have implemented will continue to stimulate the interest in the Bible among our people.

Belgium (Flemish): Thank God for all our donors and volunteers who help us to support various projects worldwide. Pray that it will be possible for us to not only make Bibles available to people, but also help to really show them the biblical way.

Netherlands: Please pray for our programme for children and families. We want to help families to read the Bible and make it relevant to their lives. Also pray for Bible distribution in the Netherlands. Our prayer is that more people will get to know God’s message.

Download the quarterly pdf document here. 




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