Read the Bible online

The Bible Society would like to encourage people to read the Bible and allow them to have access to the Bible in the language of their choice. The printed Bible is not always at hand, but, since you’re already online, the Word of God is only a few clicks away.

The Bible Society's three Afrikaans translations, 1933/1953 translation, 1983 translation and 'Die Bybel vir almal' are available online at Complete Bibles in English (KJV), isiNdebele, isiXhosa (1975 version and 1996 translation), isiZulu (1959 translation), Sepedi (2000 translation), Sesotho (1989 translation in standard orthography and 1909 translation in Lesotho orthography), Setswana (1970 translation), Siswati and Xitsonga (1989 translation) are available at Other English Bibles can be read online at

The Bible Society also make some of its publications available electronically. Visit our Bible resources and download them there.

Bible translation history: