Affordable Bibles for our neighbouring countries


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Over the past number of years, the Bible Society of South Africa (BSSA) has helped to provide Bibles to our neighbouring countries, namely Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Eswatini.

A strong bond exists between the BSSA and these Bible Societies as these organisations all work hard to promote the Bible cause in their respective countries. This bond has further been strengthened through the fact that some of our languages are also spoken in these countries: Afrikaans in Namibia, Sesotho in Lesotho, Setswana in Botswana and Siswati in Eswatini.

The Bible Societies in our neighbouring countries are struggling at present. Bibles in these cross-border languages are made available to Bible Societies in our neighbouring countries as reasonably priced as possible. In this way, we are able to help them to provide Bibles to their people at affordable prices and ensure that the Bible is accessible to them.

With the support of Bible-a-Month Club members, the BSSA had been able to provide 6 844 complete Bibles in six different languages and 11 translations to our neighbouring countries in 2021. In this manner, we have been able to help them with our shared vision of providing Bibles for everyone.


Pray for:
  • the Bible Societies in neighbouring countries
  • sufficient Bibles to provide for their needs
  • every person who receives a Bible in these countries.