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According to recent research, the Bible remains relevant to most Christians in South Africa. On the scale of one to 10, where 10 represents most relevant, the findings show that 64,9% of respondents rated the importance of the Bible in their lives between 8 and 10.

This research shows that 68,8% of the South African population, 15 years and older, belongs to the Christian faith. The Bible is thus relevant for millions of South Africans.

The Bible is available in South Africa. Nearly 7 million Bibles in print, audio and digital formats were distributed in our country during the past five years. Last year alone 974 693 printed Bibles and 1 973 e-Bibles were distributed. A further 372 682 cellphone Bibles were downloaded. The majority of Christians in South Africa (79,1%) own one or more Bibles.

The biblical message though, does not appear to be demonstrated clearly in the lives of the Christians in our country. Bible Societies worldwide, and thus the Bible Society of South Africa, have a mandate to promote Scripture engagement.

Please click here to explore all the Scripture resources that can be downloaded free of charge. The aim of these resources are to promote Scipture engagement, to help people to have a clearer understanding of the Bible and to live its message in everyday life.

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