IsiZulu Bible translation



To make a Bible translation available in today's isiZulu.


  • The translation of the isiZulu Bible, currently used by most Zulu people, was completed over 50 years ago. Continuous development in the language, combined with additional development in among others Bible translation, has necessitated a new translation.
  • The translation done from the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic source texts is virtually completed and currently some bridging material is being prepared. The work of the Review Committee is virtually complete. The final manuscript will be finalised in 2018 and then the process to make it print ready will begin.
  • The translation has a website where proof translations can be read for comment.


Expected impact
  • With the Bible translated into the language of today, many isiZulu speakers, especially the youth, will understand the Bible message better.


How can you help?

R956 429 is needed to ensure that the translation is finalised in 2018.

Make a difference. Be a sower of hope.


Bank: ABSA
Account number: 260 208 950
Branch Code: 632-005

* Please use reference code: 1016


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