March 26 - 1 April

Pray for sufficient funds so that various Bible translation projects can continue. Pray too for funds for the project A Bible in every hand aimed at reaching the youth with the Bible. Thank God for all the blessings bestowed on our Bible Society.

Kenya: Thank God that he protects our Bible Society and staff. Pray for our various Bible translation and revision projects. Pray especially for our efforts to reach children and marginalised people with the Bible. Pray for political stability and peace in our country.

Rwanda: Thank God for peace in our land. Pray for refugees from other countries now living here, that it will be possible for us to provide Bibles to them. Pray for the procurement of funds so that a Bible Centre can be built in Rwanda.

Burundi: Pray for our country experiencing political unrest and for an improved economy. Pray for the work on the Kirundi Study Bible and that it will be possible for us to ensure that the Bible will be accessible to our youth.  Pray too that God will safeguard and protect our staff.

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