The Bible changes lives




"The Bible has completely changed my life. At first I knew nothing about the Bible, but ever since Pastor Mac came here and he taught us about the Bible, I accepted Jesus to come into my life. Something I am grateful for is that I also got a chance to go home with a Bible that I received from the Bible Society and could share it with my parents, my friends and my family members."

Addressing us is Linomtha Thole, a Grade 7 learner of a school in Motherwell in the Eastern Cape. Linomtha is one of the recipients of the Bible Society’s project, Bibles for Grade 7 learners.

Grade 7 learners are the target group because they already read with comprehension and thus the Bible is accessible to them. These children are at the start of their teenage years and in the phase of life when they are very impressionable. The biblical message can help with the formation of a value system and this brings hope for their future.

Pray for:
  • every child who will receive an own Bible through this project
  • the teachers who sometimes have to execute their task under difficult circumstances.