Bibles for the poor


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The poor will always be with us. This truth runs through the Bible like a golden thread. From the earliest times, God had decreed ordinances so that the poor would be looked after. Jesus himself came and with his commands reconfirmed anew how the poor should be treated.

The issue of poverty is so complex that its solution and the role that we are able to play in an effort to resolve it, are at times simply too overwhelming. Sometimes, it can feel as though one is drowning in all the appeals for help.

Isaiah 61:1 states that the good news of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ should also be proclaimed to the poor. The biblical message of hope and an eternal future without pain, suffering and poverty is what every heart yearns to hear. It is thus no wonder that the Bible Society has been overwhelmed with requests for Bibles in the last while – people are hungry for the Word of God.

Our project, Bibles for the poor, regularly allocates Bibles to organisations and those who are unable to afford a Bible of their own.


Pray for:
  • every individual enduring hardship in our country,
  • everyone who receives a Bible thanks to the contributions of our Bible-a-Month Club members.