Reading helps you learn


Literacy 2020


Last year, during the University of Cape Town’s Summer School, Prof Mary Metcalfe, the world-renowned education expert, spoke about South Africa’s literacy crisis. Among other things, she mentioned that one of the reasons why 78% of South African children are unable to read with comprehension in Grade 3 was the lack of access to reading material.

However, everything is not lost for Prof Metcalfe. “Change is possible, but it will require hard work from all of us. We must focus on improving literacy and numeracy levels in the first four years of schooling.”

After thorough research, the Bible Society developed Bible-based literacy material to promote basic reading and writing skills. The Bible Do and Learn series is comprised of three booklets in all 11 official languages.

Various schools make use of material available with the approval of foundation phase divisions of education departments. It is also used in pre-primary schools and even Sunday schools.

While children, some who come from underprivileged households, master the necessary reading and writing skills, they will also hear about Jesus and the Bible from an early age.

These booklets are made available free of charge to schools and groups who are unable to afford it.

Pray for:
  • the many children in South Africa, especially in the foundation phase, that this programme will improve their reading and writing skills

  • those who will discover the life-giving message of the Word, perhaps for the first time.

  • more funds so that more people who are unable to afford a Bible will be able to receive one.