If you can read you can learn


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South Africa is experiencing a reading crisis, not only among adults, but also among children. A recent study found that four out of five Grade 4 learners’ ability to read with comprehension was lower than the international benchmark.

There are various reasons for this: some are socio-economic in nature and others have to do with circumstances around education.

After thorough research, the Bible Society produced Bible-based literacy material to develop basic learning and writing abilities. The two booklets, My first Bible Do and Learn Book and My 2nd Bible Do and Learn Book, are now available in all 11 official languages.

A number of schools use the material with the approval of the foundation phase and educational departments. It is also used in pre-primary and even Sunday schools.

While children, some from less privileged homes, master the necessary reading and writing skills, they also hear about Jesus and the Bible from a young age.

The booklets are made available free of charge to schools and groups that are unable to afford it.

Pray for:
  • the many children in South Africa, especially in the foundation phase, that this programme will promote their reading and writing skills

  • those who will discover the Bible with its life-giving message, possibly for the first time.