Bibles for Grade 7 learners




They are about 12-13 years old, at the beginning of their teenage years and often easily influenced. According to the latest available statistics, there are nearly 900 000 Grade 7 learners in schools in South Africa.

A number of years ago, the Bible Society started a project in schools, to give a Bible, the compass for life, to Grade 7 learners. The project is mainly for schools where parents aren't always able to afford a Bible for each child.

Grade 7 learners are the target group for this project because they can read with understanding. The biblical message can help to establish a value system which will assist them in making the right choices.

Churches and Christian organisations are used to identify the schools where there is a great need for Bibles. Each child also receives a booklet Help! How should I read my Bible? In 2018, some 26 270 Grade 7 learners received a Bible, thanks to this project.

Pray for:
  • every child that will receive a Bible of their own through this project
  • the teachers who have to accomplish their tasks under difficult circumstances.