Bibles for the Shona


Shona 4


Almost daily people ask for Shona Bibles at one of the Bible Houses in South Africa. It is very difficult to determine how many Zimbabweans currently live in South Africa, but according to some sources, there may be as many as three million.

Additionally, when you consider that approximately 70% of Zimbabwe’s population is Shona speaking, the desire for a Shona Bible is understandable.

It is very difficult for the Bible Society of South Africa to obtain sufficient stock at an affordable price from our sister society in Zimbabwe so as to meet the need of the Shona people living in South Africa. Following negotiations, however, our Bible Society was granted permission to print these Bibles for the Shona speakers in our country.

Besides the printing cost we also need to pay royalty fees for these Bibles. These fees will in turn help the struggling Bible Society of Zimbabwe with execution of its task in Zimbabwe.

Pray for:
  • Zimbabweans who find themselves in South Africa
  • sufficient funds to have Shona Bibles available for Shona speakers in our country.