Bibles for prisoners




The thousands of prisoners in South Africa, as in in other parts of the world, find themselves in a place where they are often without hope.

Problems in South Africa’s overcrowded prisons are commonplace. There are not enough cells and beds available for everyone who has been incarcerated. Illnesses, like HIV/Aids, are common and violence by and against prisoners is the order of the day. Really not a place where one would gladly be.

And yet, in these hopeless circumstances, it is precisely the place where many a person finds the true Hope. The biblical message brings hope and, therefore, an amount is granted by the Bible Society towards Bibles for prisoners annually.

The Directorate of Spiritual Care of the Department of Correctional Services manages the distribution of these Bibles that become the property of the prisoners. In 2017, nearly 16 000 prisoners, people deprived of their freedom, received a Bible of their own with the message of comfort and hope thanks to this project.

Pray for:
  • all prisoners in South Africa
  • employees of the Department of Correctional Services and for all spiritual care providers
  • each person who gets to know Jesus in prison, that despite confinement they will realise that they are truly free.