Bible and aid relief for cyclone-stricken Mozambique

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In March, Cyclone Idai wreaked havoc on large parts of Mozambique.

The coastal town of Beira, where the cyclone made landfall was completely devastated. Thus far, close to 1 000 people have died with many more injured. Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced due to the complete destruction of villages and towns by flooding.

The Bible Society in Mozambique which has a depot in Beira, also suffered heavy losses including damage to structures, Bibles and equipment.

“Bible Society in Mozambique intends to assist the traumatised people of central Mozambique by bringing back hope, and healing trauma by providing Scriptures and other means to minimise their suffering,” Rev Valente Tseco, Executive Secretary of the Bible Society in Mozambique said.

Rev Tseco added that they would also need to replace the lost stock and rehabilitate the depot in Beira if they were to continue with their mission to serve the church with God’s Word.

The Scriptures that need to be replaced include 35 000 Bibles and 5 000 New Testaments. Financial aid is also needed to distribute Bibles, food and hygienic necessities, school materials and mosquito nets for malaria prevention.

The Bible Society of South Africa would like to support the Bible Society in Mozambique in its task to help rebuild their nation. Your contribution to the Cyclone Idai Relief Fund Fund can help us.

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