Christ in Christmas

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Christians everywhere are excited to celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. In South Africa, the backdrop to the season is the prospect of a summer holiday and creating special memories with friends and family.

Most of us will probably navigate heavy traffic, endure sweltering heat, experience long shopping queues, witness tearful tots and even an impassioned exchange or two. All this, as we listen to our favourite Christmas carols. Many of us will host family members visiting from other cities and live in cramped spaces. When the initial excitement wanes, what then? It sometimes feels like the season to be merry is anything but.

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The Bible: A book of second chances

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Our library here at Bible House in Cape Town is indeed a treasure trove. Here one finds Bibles that tell a unique tale. God’s Word as recorded in the Bible is the most awesome unfolding of truth, miracles, prophecy and promise as well as hope, love and peace. But these Bibles, also tell the personal stories of their owners.

A Bible that immediately grabs one's attention is one with a bullet hole through it and blood smeared on some of the pages. It tells a tale of conflict, redemption and second chances.

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Hearing God in a silent world

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Grasping the message of hope and salvation in the Bible is hard for many of us, even more so for those who cannot hear. Explaining the gospel to the Deaf is indeed, immensely challenging. Someone who is well acquainted with this is Dr Rocco Hough, who has been ministering to this community for the last 30 years and who is also involved in the translation of the Bible Society’s first-ever English Bible for the Deaf.

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What does the Bible mean to you?

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The Bible is the most tangible form of communication between God and man.

It is the word of God, it teaches, encourages, guides, consoles and is filled with promises. Truly a powerful book.

So, what does the Bible mean to you? How do you use the Bible in your daily life? Do you think the Bible is still relevant in all spheres of society today?

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