Your money or your life?

blog 10

Money matters. It is after all what makes the world go round. Or so we are told!

The Bible warns about loving money and the idolatrous pitfalls of chasing after worldly wealth. However, God does expect us to be responsible custodians of the money that he has entrusted to us.

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A never-ending romance

blog 9

February is when we see red everywhere - red roses, red boxes of chocolates, red clothing. Everything adorned with a red heart or ribbon in celebration of love. Love. It has been the theme of many a book, movie and song. Men and women have craved it and others have died and even killed in the name of love. Despite all the writing, singing, dancing and all too often agonising over love, it still seems to elude so many.

But what is love?

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Determined duo take on Comrades for Bibles

blog 8

During last year's Comrades Marathon, two running buddies from Gauteng raised R14 000 by running for Bibles.

Douw Prinsloo and Cornelia Hutchinson were totally overwhelmed by the love and support they received from their friends, family and even strangers in their efforts to further the Bible cause.

This year Douw will again be running this iconic and gruelling 87 km race whilst also raising funds for Bibles. However, there will be an added challenge.

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Being a Word Rider Filipino style

blog 7

A group of motorcyclists, the Word Riders, under the auspices of the Bible Society of South Africa, get together once a year for a week-long tour when they distribute Bibles to Grade 7 learners at schools in some of the poorest areas of our country. Inspired by this initiative, the Philippine Bible Society now also has a Word Riders group doing similar outreach work. Founder and organiser of the South African Word Riders, Francois Sieberhagen, and Word Riders veterans, Tony de Melim and Manfred Haarde, joined the Philippine Word Riders during a tour to the north of the country in November. Francois shares their experience.

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