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We commemorated Women’s Month in August and the Bible Society celebrated women in numerous ways. As a part of our social media campaign, we asked a number of women from various walks of life to tell us what the Bible means to them and this is what they had to say.

Tricia 2Tricia Solomon is a 48-year-old Cape Town resident who has lived with a disability since birth and was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at 38 years of age. Her life mantra is “For Jesus.” Tricia believes, "The Bible is one of my connecting points to God, through it I learn who He is and about his incredible love and mercy towards me."

Annie 2Annelize Bakkes or Annie, as her husband affectionately calls her, is mom to Joshua; her quiet, deep and adventurous son, and Amelie; her beloved and lively daughter. "To me, the Bible feels like a love letter written to us; a strict rule book to set you free sounds contradicting, I know."

Catherine 2Catherine Milward-Bridges (Nhlapo) is mother to a 12-year-old daughter and a communications professional. "For me, the Bible is the most objective, no-holds-barred book I've ever read. It's also a reliable compass, and a source of catharsis when I need it most."

Shelley 2Shelley Reeves is a motivational artist who uses God's gift of art, spiritual interpretation and awareness to make visual and permanent that which is transitory, loved or believed. "The Bible is a tangible, concrete demonstration of how the Holy Spirit moved ordinary people to remember and record true and powerful events and concepts in the history of man. Because it contains the actual words of God, it bears the kind of wisdom that can impact man of every century, never losing relevance or interest and, without any doubt, will stand the test of time. The exact same powerful Holy Spirit is alive and active today, enabling and equipping us to connect with and know God through the Bible."

Bianca Josias 2Bianca Josias, though bubbly, is actually an introvert who takes life seriously. She loves deeply and has an overwhelming sense to help those in need. "The Bible has been my constant guide – shedding truth and light into areas that I had no idea needed illumination. There is such beauty and richness about it and although there are concepts that I don't fully understand (and maybe never will), I find utter satisfaction when I read a passage and something just clicks.”

Talia 2Talia Taule acknowledges that she is a sinner who got saved by the grace of the Lord. If she had things her way, she’d be going all over the place telling young ladies especially, about the Lord. Talia enthused, "The Bible is my world, and it means a lot to me. My favourite book ever. It has brought me closer to the Lord in a way that I would never have imagined. My salvation makes sense to me now because the Word feeds my spirit and I'm growing in my walk with God through the Word.”

Bianca Robertson 2Bianca Robertson’s calling is to live according to God's Promise in Matthew 6:33. Her heart is to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, by protecting the human rights of vulnerable persons and serving refugees and children through her current work at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Bianca affirms, “The Bible is God’s love story to the world and the relentless love of Jesus. When I read the Bible, I see who God is and He is purely love. The Bible is also the Good News that God loves every person in this world so much that He gave us His Son, Jesus, so that whoever believes in Jesus, will not die but have eternal life.”

Anita 2Anita Rowland is a daughter, wife and mum to a special little boy. She works in the creative industry as a producer and marketer, with a strong focus on corporate storytelling. “For me, the Bible has been a deep well of strength, a source of light and guidance, and a testimony of an eternal love story. When I read the Bible, it feels (to me) that God chooses to inject a supernatural power into the words of the many books that are contained within it.”

Abby 2Originally from Kimberley in the Northern Cape, Abigail van der Linde said, "It has been my life’s dream to study medicine and it came true when I completed my degree at Stellenbosch University. I can honestly say that I really love my job and that helping people is my true passion.” She added, “The Bible is everything to me. It is God's word and it has the power to create. It is life, light and God himself as stated in John 1:1. The Bible is the pathway to God, peace, hope and eternity. It’s also amazing to think that without the Bible we wouldn't know who God is and how much he loves his creation. This world would be lost without it."

It has been an amazing and encouraging month. What does the Bible mean to you?

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