What does the Bible mean to you?

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The Bible is the most tangible form of communication between God and man.

It is the word of God, it teaches, encourages, guides, consoles and is filled with promises. Truly a powerful book.

So, what does the Bible mean to you? How do you use the Bible in your daily life? Do you think the Bible is still relevant in all spheres of society today?

These are the questions we recently put to some leaders from Bible Societies in Africa. This is what they had to say:

Simon Peter Mukhama (General Secretary of the Bible Society of Uganda)

When I was in high school I made a real commitment to the Lord and that is when the Bible became my daily companion. It was my reference book. In the Bible it was just like getting in a whole ocean of many things. I had many experiences and questions about life came but I found that all the answers were being answered here in this book.

So I discovered making the Bible a daily companion was a powerful thing.

The Bible contains the testimony that God has given us eternal life through his Son, Jesus. The Bible is God's word, it is the words that come to us through what Jesus speaks, to us as his children.

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Erasmus Odonkor (General Secretary of the Bible Society of Ghana)

The Bible is my life. I am not able to live without the Bible. It is a guide, it is the blueprint for life.

I want to measure whatever I do by Scripture. I want to be sure that Scripture agrees with what positions I take, what line of thoughts and actions I take.

If we live by Scripture we will become successful in God's eye in spite of all the challenges we face in life.

If we guide our steps by Scripture and we focus on what God expects us to do in our various callings we will be able to build our lives, our families, our communities, and our nations in the light of God.

This will give us joy in ourselves and give us the life that God has destined for us to live.

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Clapperton Mayuni (General Secretary of the Bible Society of Malawi)

The Bible means everything to me and over the years it has become sweeter and sweeter. There are several passages in Scripture that I have come to love over the years.

One is Deuteronomy 32 where the Israelites are taught the Song of Moses. Moses says, 'These teachings I have taught you are not empty words, they are your very life,' and I have come to hold onto that. That, indeed, God's word is my life.

As David praises God's law in Psalm 119, I too believe, it is a word of instruction for me, a word of correction for me and like Paul says, it will provide me with every good thing I need in order to do his will.

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Gabriel Tsuaneng (General Secretary of the Bible Society of Botswana)

The Bible is the word of God. From the Bible we hear what God would say in any given human situation, if he was physically present with us.

The Bible is also an instrument of self-reflection. It is like a mirror, a mirror for me so that I can reflect on how I live. How I do things as an individual, as a Christian, as a leader, as a family man.

The Bible is also a manual for those who are involved in leadership. The Bible speaks to leaders and rebukes them and causes them to consider the path upon which they should take the people of God. The Bible provides leadership and direction to all aspects of our communities, social and political. It is from the Bible that we hear God speak, so that we can respond and experience the power of God. The Bible is our personal experience with our living God.

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