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the bible on your cellphone

Download the Bible on your cellphone in the language of your choice!

Just follow these steps and with the push of a button you can read the Bible when ever and where ever you want to.

  1. With the Internet option on your cellphone go to

  2. Choose the language and translation you want to download.

    The following translations are available:

    Afrikaans 1933/1953
    Die Bybel vir almal
    English King James Version
    IsiNdebele 2012
    IsiXhosa 1975
    IsiZulu 1893
    1959/1997 (new orthography)
    New Testament and Psalms 1986

    1909/61 (standard orthography)
    1909 (Lesotho orthography)
    1989 (standard orthography)

    Setswana 1908
    1908/1992 (new orthography)
    Siswati 1996
    Tshivenda 1998
    Xitsonga 1929/2012

  3. Android, iPhone, Blackberry and tablet users: see number 7.

  4. Decide between downloading the complete Bible in one or four parts (some cellphones can only download the Bible in four parts).

  5. Download the .jar file. When receiving an error message, download the .jad file.

  6. The Bible will now download. Depending on the type of cellphone, the file will be installed under Downloads, Applications or Games.

  7. Android, iPhone, Blackberry and tablet users: Follow this link for Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

  8. The link will take you to YouVersion. The correct app can be downloaded here. The King James Version will download with the app. Other Bibles can be downloaded from the app. If you are experiencing problems, read more here or contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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